Welcome to the world of the future, we are happy to present our work to you.

Show your product in a way you have never seen before.

More than 8 years of experience

We started with shoes, which is why our scans presented on this website focus on them, but the process we use does not limit us to the world of shoes alone.

We believe that the current times are the beginning of the 3D era on the Internet, a stimulus ready for another revolution in customer interaction. We believe that the time of waiting is finished, the future is here and now.

We do not want to bore you with too much of the technicalities behind our work, suffice to say that our 3d scanning studio uses the photogrammetry process and some additional techniques for a photorealistic end result of 3D scans.

There are unlimited possibilities where we can support you, whether you are an individual, a micro-business or a large consortium, with us you can safely and professionally adapt your products or services to new, 21st century standards.

The possibilities concerning the scans themselves and their applications are enormous, and the very way in which they are published with the use of the latest technologies, such as for example - AR, allows for a fuller involvement of buyers in the online purchasing process.

While entering the future with us, you allow yourself to enrich the ecommerce experience by giving you the opportunity to see the product in detail from each side, bringing you closer to the details but also allows you to show a wider range of products on displays in stationary shops on more and more commonly used stationary e-displays.

These are just few of the applications that we wanted to present to you briefly, in fact the possibilities are unlimited.

We are always available to you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.